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Please contact us for more information about renting the villa. Or if you have already visited Villa Vista del Mar, feel free to drop us a note to let us know about your vacation. We would love to hear from you.

Cindy & John Charters
90 Richdale Road
Needham, MA

Phone: 781-449-6312
(between 9am-9pm EST)



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Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to get enthusiastic fan mail from our guests. We love this country and its people, and most of all we love our home here. We try to tell it like it is; the good and the bad so that our guests will have realistic expectations.

We pay attention to all constructive feedback and make adjustments when possible. For example, past guest feedback prompted us to offer additional optional services such as initial food package set up and ongoing grocery shopping, and convinced us to make changes/ additions to the villa: king beds, larger sun terrace, full outdoor bath, etc. Every comment is appreciated and read thoroughly.

We have been in this hospitality business for almost 30 years and have a genuine interest in matching adventurous guests with a comfortable affordable and amenity-rich vacation home. If we have done our job correctly we will find guests who will be enchanted with our villa, our staff and this dynamic, colorful country.

Although we still have handwritten notes dating back to 2004 you can read the more recent comments.

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Here’s is a sample of what guests have said over the years:

JULY 2013
We had a group of 10 guys for our annual scuba diving trip. This house is amazing! Beautiful, comfortable, well appointed, and the outdoor area with pool is unbelievable. The best part was the staff though. They are so attentive, kinda, and top notch. We had 3 full meals a day that were all spectacular for our entire week long trip and they set the table and cleaned up everything afterwards as well. And when we were hanging by the pool they were more than happy to bring us all drinks throughout the day and make pitchers of Pina Colada's too. It was so relaxing. Very nice safe and quiet area. Not for partiers in my opinion, more of a family area.

Kevin, TN

The Villa exceeded our expectation in all ways. First, each bedroom had ac, but we didn’t need it due to the constant breeze that came through the villa. The vacation package that was sent to us prior to coming answered our unanswered question about the country, villas, food. Well done Cindy. The location, up on a hill was great. The views from the Villa were spectacular. The staff made us feel like it was our home and there were working for us. The food, drinks, conversations with Julio, made me feel like he was family. Nelsida, cannot say enough about her. Her spirit and dedication to make us feel at home and making sure we had refreshment’s, and food was over the top. As most of the reviews stated, the pictures do not do justice to the property. I am a amateur photographer and I had my wide angle lens and took some pictures of the pool area and the outside of the house and I am planning on giving them to Cindy as my gift for finding this gem. I hope to return so I can photograph the inside of the Villa. We cannot wait to return to Villa Confresi again.

PB Boston MA

JULY 2012
I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful time my family had in this beautiful villa. Cindy was so wonderful to work with in the months leading up to our trip. She provided so much information and answered any questions I had promptly. The villa was very clean, spacious and provided all the amenities we needed. We ate at Chris and Mady's one evening for dinner where everyone was so friendly and accommodating to our requests. We took a day trip to Sosua and Cabarete, both well worth the sometimes "white knuckle" taxi ride for some amazing snorkeling in Sosua and to watch the kitesurfers in Cabarete. By far the best thing about our vacation was Julio and Nelsida. Nelsida's food was amazing and she was so attentive always making sure we didn't need or want anything. The villa was stocked with all of our requests upon our arrival. Julio was so helpful with information and answering questions and running additional errands whenever needed or requested. They were both always smiling and eager to make sure that we were enjoying our vacation. This was by far one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had thanks to Nelsida and Julio. I would definitely recommend this villa to families/groups small or large.

Karen K, NJ

June 2011
After a long hard year of work,college, and Chemo, our family was ready to escape from the routine of daily living to paradise. We knew we had arrived in paradise from the minute we stepped off the plane! Everyone in the airport was kind and gracious, willing to help an American family traveling with their blind patriarch. Julio met us outside of customs as promised, loaded our luggage and wisked us away to Cofresi. Our anticipation was growing as typical Americans we wondered were the pictures on the website and reviews too good to be true? We pulled up to the villa and first sight of the compound made all those fears dissolve immediately. We were met by the beautiful Mercy and Nelsida with our first pitcher (of many) of frozen pina coladas and we knew from that second on we truly were in Heaven. We could not believe our eyes. The villa was even more beautiful than the pictures and all the reviews were spot on! Once we all chose our suites, changed into our swim suits, threw our watches, blackberrys and laptops in the safe, we met at the pool which was crystal clear and had so many seating and lounging options which made a five star resort pool area look inferior.

My favorite spot on the pool patio was the huge couch I referred to as the throne. Mercy and Nelsida served us our first 'snack' as they like to call it and we all agreed our new favorite was Mercy's chicken salad. Every day Mercy would prepare five star meals all prepared from authentic DR recipes and fresh local ingredients. We looked forward every morning to the fresh mango, papaya, pineapple, banana, cantaloupe and watermelon fruit platers. Mercy knew our food preferences and she decided the daily menu. It was very liberating not to have to make any decisions this week. We always looked forward to mealtime, the house smelled delicious. Nelsida kept the villa spotless, laudry fresh, fresh towels always available and in conjunction with Mercy made the most delicious frozen concontions that we are thirsting for as we write this. Our libations of choice were pina coladas, rum punch and frozen mojitos. Julio is a great General Manager. He keeps the house in tip top shape, made several runs to the market, granted several special requests and answered a million questions. While in Cofresi we celebrated 2 special birthdays and invited Julio, Mercy and Nelsida's families to come over for a BBQ and had a great time. It was a delightful evening.

Diane K,  IN

The Villa was everything you promised us it would be ....and more. I could go on and on, but the reality of having to take care of myself and family (work, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc...) now that Julio and family are not in New Jersey with us.... is very time consuming. Your staff spoiled us all and getting back to "real life" at home, has been an adjustment. I have told everyone who will listen what a magnificent home you have and how fabulous our entire stay was. I have sent out the web address to over a dozen friends. Thank you a thousand times for being such a wonderful "vacation angel". Hope to be in contact again soon for another fabulous stay.

Sincerely, Adele

Christmas 2009
In our group we had 15 people 7 of which were under the age of 8. We weren’t sure if the house was going to be big enough to handle 4 families and also have enough space for breathing room. Del Mar delivered!!!

We spent an additional 4 days at the beginning of the trip at an all- inclusive resort, however it felt like our real holiday started once we got to the house. The house and patios are broken up to give big groups unique space for alone time, or to cater to big gatherings.

The bedrooms are spacious very clean and have A/C. The kids (dormitory) room is a fantastic setup, it became Head Quarters for all of the skull duggery that went on.
Trust me the photos on the website don’t accurately capture the space and beauty.
The staff at the house delivers first class service and take pride in not letting you lift a finger. There was never a moment we felt house-bound with the kids opting to be in the pool more then the beach. The days were spent playing with the kids, drinking pina coladas, Presidente Cerveza, smoking good cigars, swimming, playing cards and eating amazing food. The nights were spent playing with the kids, drinking pina coladas, Presidente Cerveza, smoking good cigars, swimming, playing cards and eating amazing food….

Thank you, Julio, Nelsida and Mercy. We will never forget you and your warm hospitality.

All the families on our vacation are very well traveled so trust me when I say you can’t ask for a better coordinator then Cindy! She was prompt in every correspondence; the process in getting the house ready for our group was flawless. We were never unsure of how things would work out. So from our whole group thank you so much for making our holiday one we will never forget.

Edmonton Canada

August 2009
Our stay at your beautiful villa was beyond our wildest dreams! Even though the website was so inviting, we were absolutely overwhelmed with the “real thing”!!!! Following flights from Philadelphia via San Juan we were warmly greeted by Julio and Gabino, our luggage quickly claimed and we are on our way. The ride through Puerto Plata gave us our first impressions of the Dominican Republic…vey lush, warm and yes poor, as we travelled to the Villa. There we were warmly welcomed by Nelsida and Mercy and overwhelmed with the beauty of the villa as well as the friendliness of the staff…we knew we were “home”! As we walked out onto the veranda we were stunned by the breathtaking beauty of the pool and the surrounding views of the ocean, Mount Isabella, the other villas near but not too near, this was the villa of our dreams!

After a quick tour of the house we changed into bathing suits and head to the pool. Almost instantly Mercy appeared with a tray of Pina Coladas and cold beer…..we were in heaven. Our stay at Villa Vista Del Mar had begun! Every day was like a dream filled with long, lazy hours in and around the pool interrupted only by the delicious meals and beverages graciously served by Nelsida and Mercy. To say that the food was fantastic is an understatement…our every wish was met with a warm smile! The staff truly became like family.

During the week we ventured off to enjoy a day of sailing and snorkeling on a catamaran and a second adventure which took us out into the glorious countryside through small villages where we were greeted by the smiles and laughter of the beautiful children culminating in a trek through the jungle and swimming in cool, emerald pools at the base of several waterfalls. As the week came to an end we all agreed that it would nearly impossible to find more a more luxurious way to spend a holiday. It is unanimous that we hope to find ourselves back at the villa very soon!

Frankie & Libby
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

January 2008
Thank you so much for the use of the Villa. We had a wonderful time. I knew that having a cook and maid would be a bonus, but I didn't realize just how much I would come to appreciate it. It truly made this a vacation like one I've never had before. It was like going out to a restaurant every morning, afternoon and evening but never having to choose where to, never have to primp to go out, or having to be drill sergeant to get everyone moving and out the door. Nelsida and Mercy worked so hard to make this relaxing for us.

While I enjoyed the white water rafting, beaching, and horseback riding, the service from Nelsida and Mercy is considered my favorite thing. We are deeply grateful to them. And Julio is most knowledgeable, dependable and personable. They are all great people and we all truly enjoyed them. You are fortunate to have such a dedicated, hardworking staff. But then I am sure you take care of them well and that is why they are such.

The villa is beautiful! And it fit our family and our lifestyle perfectly. The outside patio and pool were our favorite spots. We also found the Dominican people to be very lively and happy. They always made us feel comfortable. It is very obvious how much they appreciate tourists.

Thank you again for such a wonderful stay! We hope we may be back again soon. Or at the least, may have some referrals to give you for some friends.

Orange Park, Florida

July 2007
I wanted to send you an email to tell you how much we LOVED your home. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful your extended family are at the house. Julio, Mercy and Nelsida are just the most wonderful people and it was sad to leave them yesterday, it felt like they were a part of our family. They were so good to us and the food that they cooked was the most wonderful in the world. I have a request for a couple of the recipes if you don't mind. The fried yucca, how they made the beans so tasty and the paella.

I also wanted you to know that Gus was awesome! He set us up on a horseback trip, jeep safari so we could see Dominica life and climb the waterfall and we also went snorkeling and to Ocean World. He was terrific and most pleasant with all of us. I can tell how you Daddy fell in love with the place; this will definitely be somewhere we come back to again and again.

If anyone ever needs a reference for your home, please feel free to contact me as I will give you a reference. We are all trying to figure out how to come back next year. I also would like for you to know that we thought the paintings in the house were stunning, the ones done by your Mother are beautiful. We had asked Julio where we might go to buy one and he told us that it was your Mom :-)

Thank you again for sharing your home with us and allowing us to be a part of the Dominican life and meet Julio, Nelsida and Mercy. If you are talking to them, please, please tell them again that we appreciated everything that they did for us and made us feel at home in their country.

Cumming, Georgia

June 2007
I have been meaning to send you an e-mail about our trip. We had a fabulous time! I wish I could be back there right now. Thanks so much for everything on your end. Julio, Nelsida and Mercey took such great care of us--they're truly wonderful people. Having been to the house before, I cannot really think of anything that didn't meet our expectations. Here are a few random thoughts I had meant to share with you...

Good call on the new air conditioning! Our week was pretty hot--and we used them. And we were happy with the improvements to the house!

Did I mention that Nelsida, Julio and Mercey are FABULOUS? And Gabino came by to check up on things, he is so nice.

As for the food shopping situation, I am not sure how most of your guests work it, but we really had Julio do almost all the shopping. We did do one stop by the market almost for fun (and bought junk food!) but I think that's the way to go. We paid him for each trip and had everything we needed.

We went to dinner and played a few rounds of blackjack at the (Ocean World) casino. Nice place!

We did the tour of the Gri Gri Lagoon, and we didn't like it. We LOVED the Playa Grande part--it was so beautiful--but the van ride was really uncomfortable (very hot and slow) and the lagoon and boat ride was nothing great.

We went horseback riding, per your recommendation in the mountains, and it was a blast!

Cindy thanks a million! Your house has now hosted two of our best vacations ever. Feel free to use me as a reference--I just LOVE the house, and I think it's a fabulous vacation. I am telling MY friends and family--

New York, NY

November 2006
Our vacation was beyond amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and comfortable home with our family. Cofresi villa is beautiful on so many levels. Not just because it is a beautiful home but the energy and spirit in that house is one of love and peace and togetherness! Your staff treated us like family, leaving us with the desire to go back to the DR, not only to vacation, but to see them

Our family will never forget this vacation. My parents love the country and the people, just as I thought they would. My niece had the best birthday party she could dream of. We were fortunate enough to be able to share her day with some of Gabino's and Nelsida and Julio's children who were so thankful to be invited to share her birthday -- they even bought my niece a gift!!! Amazing people.

Cindy, EVERYTHING, was perfect. The birthday cake was HUGE and beautiful, with tons of Pony's on it. The piñata was a hit, the horses they brought, WOW. The band became friends with my Father who had them over on another night to play again. The baptism was really beautiful too. Everyone in the church treated us like family. They genuinely showed joy for my niece and nephew to be baptized.

Julio, Gabino, Nelsida, Mercy, Jose and everyone who was there, was kind, generous, loving and very, very courteous. My Mom, as I predicted, enjoyed getting in the kitchen with Nelsida and Mercy to talk to them and help. She took it upon herself to take care of Jose. Every night, she would serve his dinner and would give him water and fruit.

What a trip! Ocean World was a blast; we were there early and were the last to leave. We spent countless hours in your lovely pool and enjoyed every day, every moment. Once again, thank you for your willingness to share the love of your home and your staff! We can't wait to come back.

Adriana Moret

Christmas holidays 2005

Just to let you know that all the Lewis' had an absolutely marvelous time in your house at Cofresi. We all felt very comfortable and happy right from the minute we stepped in the door- and after the week flew by we were quite reluctant to leave. Everything was very attractive and just right. How do you manage that with so many people traipsing through all the time? Nelsida and her crew looked after us very well. Our favorite dishes were her Paella and Sanscocho. We even asked her to make Bacalhao the Dominican way one morning- The weather couldn’t have been nicer- with sun every day except the day we left. We appreciated the dirt track road with wandering roosters and horses, the empty land around. It was a very successful tropical holiday for us. Thank you- and Happy New Year-

Kirsten Lewis

June 2005
We have stayed in numerous villas in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France and have always vowed to never return to the same place twice. But we enjoyed your villa so much this year (2003) that we just can't stop thinking about it. So we have decided to break with tradition. If there is availability next summer then we would like to return. Please let us know what dates you have available for next summer. We are looking for 10 days, anytime from early June through to early July.

Simon and Judy Watt (Repeat guests)

September, 2004
Walter and I want to thank you for allowing us to rent your beautiful villa for the last three and a half weeks. Our family had a WONDERFUL time. We cannot say enough how wonderful Nelsida and Julio were during our stay. So helpful, responsible and kind.

We met a few times with Lou, who even stopped by to make sure we were okay for Hurricane Francis (one day of rain, then the sun came shining through as usual). Gus and Gabino helped us with everything from tours to questions about property we saw in the area. You have a great team in place. We hope to be "return guests" next year to the DR and hope you'll allow us to rent your lovely home once again. Again, many thanks, and we wish you all the best.

Joy and Walter Taylor (and Brent and Emery, too!)

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