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 What are the housekeeper's duties and hours?

 Is there phone/internet /cable tv access?

 How do I get around?

 Is it safe in the Dominican Republic?

 I don't speak Spanish. How will I communica te?

 What is the weather like; When is hurricane season?

 What are the entry requirements?

 Is Haiti a problem neighbor?

What are the housekeeper's duties and hours?

Villa Vista Del Mar has a team approach to the daily maid/ chef/ housekeeping duties in order to provide these services 7 days a week. Generally the maids work Monday- Friday from approximately 8:30- 4:30, but are willing to stay later on weeknights and especially on the date of your arrival, usually a Saturday or Sunday, for those guests that wish to enjoy dinner at the villa. On the first day of your vacation you will be able to relax, unpack, and get thoroughly settled without feeling the need to immediately venture off to a restaurant.

We have two primary maids and two back up maids so your vacation will be fully covered. They will cook and serve your meals, prepare drinks and snacks as you wish, make the beds, tend to the laundry and keep the villa clean. And most importantly they will bring you frosty tropical drinks while you float in the pool. They will cater to the individual needs of your group. For example they understand that some kids want a different meal from the adults, or there may be vegetarians or food allergies in the group.

One important note: Our staff understands your need for a relaxing, stress-free vacation. They will cheerfully offer services as needed but will also quietly retreat to their own staff quarters allowing your group the privacy to enjoy your vacation on your terms without excessive interference

Is there phone/ internet access?
Cell phones are available for guests to use, but local and or long distance phone card minutes must be purchased. This service enables you to send and receive local and international calls. There is a $50 charge for any damage to or loss of the cell phone.

High speed Wireless DSL Internet service is available at the house. Internet connection and fax service is also available at the local resorts or Taino Plaza.

The living room TV has satellite television service with extended channels including sports programs. All other TVs have cable television with numerous US based channels.

How do I get around?
If you do not have a rental car, taxis are readily available in Cofresi near the entrance to Lifestyle Holidays Resort. Taxi rates are posted so you can check the fares, and confirm the amount with the driver. It is not customary to tip the drivers.

Although car rentals are readily available, we do not recommended that our guests rent a car. There are no "rules of the road" in the DR, and driving can be hazardous. These wonderful Dominicans, who are noted for their gentle, gracious manners, tend to be overly aggressive at the wheel of their vehicles. Driving is notoriously challenging in this country.

Insurance is non-existent. If there is an accident the police will generally decide who is more capable of paying… usually that means the non-Dominican. If you decide to rent a car, be careful!

Unfortunately our houseman does not have a taxi license so he is unable to chauffeur you around. The only exception is that he is allowed to provide airport transfer service. If you would like steady car service he can set you up with a reliable taxi driver during your vacation.

Is it safe in the Dominican Republic?
The Dominican Republic is a 3rd-world country and there is petty crime. For that reason, common sense should prevail and the villa should be locked up at night or when  you leave the house. Likewise you should not leave valuable equipment unattended and in plain sight while at the beach (digital cameras, laptops.). Leave your jewelry at the villa when taking tours. These are the same precautions taken back home or when traveling abroad anywhere in the world.
Your villa has a night watchman on duty each night from dusk until dawn. His presence acts as a deterrent to petty crime and has served us well, since there have been few problems here in Cofresi. There is also a local police sub-station within Playa Cofresi with officers readily available in case of emergency.

I don't speak Spanish. How will I communicate?
Fluency in Spanish is not necessary. Many Dominicans now speak English, and English is generally understood and spoken in the tourist areas. For those who venture into less traveled areas, a smile or kind gesture will open a lot of doors. Julio and Gabino speak English. Nelsida and Mercy are still learning, but they manage to understand what you need or want. They also have a great sense of humor and have experience with "Spanglish". There is a detailed meal planning at the villa we with Spanish translations so t you can show the maids what you would like prepared. Our guests tend to be adventurous and enjoy the challenge of communicating in a foreign land.

Unlike most of the world, the Dominican Republic really only has two main seasons - tropical and tropical-cool. Temperatures in the Caribbean are fairly constant year round with average daytime temperatures reaching 84F before falling to a comfortable 70F in the evening. Some call the Dominican Republic's climate, 'the endless summer', due to warm and sunny conditions experienced pretty much all year round.

There is no real rainy season in the DR; it can rain at any time during the year. Much of the time the rain occurs overnight or as a brief afternoon shower. Regardless of what is 'typical', the Dominican Republic, like anywhere, can experience abnormal weather patterns - weeks without any rain at all, while other times there are patches of rainy and overcast weather for a several days at a time. But more often than not, visitors can expect long periods of sunshine and blue skies, at any time of the year.

Dominican Republic average monthly climate

Hurricanes are rarely a problem along the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Due to a number of factors, such as the low lying mountain range along the coast, and the direction of the Gulf Stream, hurricanes tend to head toward Florida, missing the country. Occasionally a hurricane travels off the southern coast of the country through the Caribbean Sea, and hits Honduras or other nearby areas. At most there will be a day or two of rain, but rarely any damage.

What are the entry requirements?
All visitors entering the Dominican Republic must have a valid passport. A birth certificate with raised seal, driver's license or other photo ID is no longer sufficient. Upon entering the airport in the Dominican Republic, each visitor will be required to fill out a tourist card and pay a $10 entry fee in U.S. dollars or Euros. The tourist card asks where you will be staying. Just write "Private Home in Playa Cofresi, Puerto Plata". There are no street names or addresses in our community.

The U.S. Embassy recommends - but does not require - any child under 18 traveling without one or both parents, to have a notarized document from the non-traveling parent(s) stating the reason for travel. This notarized letter will be a good 'back up' upon leaving the island too. Contact the villa owner for a "Permission to Travel" form letter

For current information on foreign travel for US citizens, For general information on the Dominican Republic

Is Haiti a problem neighbor?
Even though Haiti shares 1/3 of the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, the border is closed except for some commerce. A mountain range from north to south creates a natural boundary and makes any illegal passage extremely difficult. Visitors to our community are not affected by any issues in this neighboring country.

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